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Unique Perspective

I am a long-time yogi, kirtaneer and multi-instrumentalist whose music is always an offering to the divine.  This unique background affords me a unique perspective on yoga and music.  Naturally, a major part of's offering is live music, and more often than not, it's music combined with yoga practice. offers music in the yoga/meditation space in many different incarnations:

Supersonic Savasana:  

Imagine the most relaxing and expansive savasana of your life: a time of repose where you shed your normal waking consciousness and drift into infinity.  Welcome to Supersonic Savasana! -- After some light stretching and guided deep relaxation, you will be lovingly bathed in sound.  Using the didjeridu, udu, various world percussion instruments, and my voice, I will seem to bend time itself -- leaving you face to face with your true, radiant self.   90 minutes.  5 - 50 participants.

Live Music for Asana

As an accompaniment to your yoga practice, I'll weave a sonic tapestry of beats, chants, and didjeridu rhythms to embrace you and support your asana journey. A self-described musical chameleon, my style lends itself to many styles of asana practice from Jivamukti-inspired vinyasa flow to power yoga to restorative and yin practices. -- I've provided musical accompaniment to some of the Philly area's most prominent yoga teachers including Alexandra Holmes, Jordanna Rock-Garden and Sarra Kaufman of Dhyana Yoga; Justicia and Shawn DeClue of Maha Yoga, and Will Murray of Yogawood.


Kirtan is the musical expression of Bhakti Yoga, or the yoga of devotion. It is the ecstatic singing and chanting of the divine name that leads to spiritual connection and union with the divine.  In fact, authorities claim that Bhakti Yoga is the quickest, most efficient path to awakening!  Kirtan with Mark D is a bit different from the norm:  expect traditional chants and instruments like the mrdanga alongside non-traditional instruments like the didjeridu as well as beatboxing and live looping and sampling.  In any case, I'll get your tribe chanting and dancing in ecstasy from our very first Ganesha chant! -- I've offered kirtan at countless yoga studios and festivals as a solo kirtaneer and alongside amazing musicians, including the highly-acclaimed "Bhakti Tree" from Baltimore, MD.

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