Mark DiFilippo MA,EdS,LPC

Sound Therapy

Initial one-to-one consultation and assessments available.

Sound vibration

Sound vibration makes up the entire universe! We have learned from ancient sages and modern quantum physicists alike that all matter is comprised of vibrating energy interacting with the energy around it. In fact, many traditions hold sound as being the prime instigator of creation – the Bible tells us that “In the beginning, there was the Word”, Ancient Indian traditions describe “Aum” as the sound that created, sustains, and destroys all things, and ancient Australian Aborigines describe the “Dreamtime”, the time when there was nothing but the sound of the didjeridu. The rest of the Earth came into existence by being “named” by the creators.

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy with Mark D will take you on a transcendental sonic journey through time and space, through which your chakras align, your mind becomes quiet, and you experience tremendous ease and well-being. Using the didjeridu, udu, various percussion instruments from around the world, and his voice, Mark weaves a sonic tapestry of beauty that suspends reality and develops mental and physical clarity.

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