Mark DiFilippo MA,EdS,LPC

Lifestyle Coaching

Initial one-to-one consultation and assessments available.

Life Coaching

Over the years, through various forms of therapy and coaching, I’ve found that a profound question arises when I work with clients - “What’s holding you back?” The answer to this question is usually subtler than one might think, and I find that good therapy and coaching consists of investigating this question deeply. Through contemplative practices like mindfulness meditation, I will help you to build greater awareness of your habitual energy and the workings of your mind. Through this awareness, we will identify your strengths, weaknesses, and of course, what is holding you back. You will learn that - whatever it is - it doesn’t have to hold you back any longer!

Holistic Approach

My approach is holistic, and we will be sure to address issues such as diet, sleep, exercise and relationships as well as your plans, goals, and dreams. You might want to begin lifestyle coaching with me if you are looking to improve your health and appearance, enhance your relationships, are experiencing difficulties in your dating and/or sex life, are starting a new business, making a major life change, or just feel like you are in a “rut”. My unique perspective on human performance coupled with intense contemplative work, has provided me with a unique set of skills that have been very successful in helping people achieve what they want most in life. To schedule or change an appointment, pay your bill or access your private journal, Click Here: Secure Client Area

Ask Me Anything, Anytime.

For inquiries or to start your transformative journey, contact Mark today. Together, let's unlock the peace and fulfillment that life has to offer.