Mark DiFilippo, MA, EdS, LPC

Mark DiFilippo, MA, EdS, LAC

Mark DiFilippo, MA, EdS, LPC, is a Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Executive Coach and Consultant who catalyzes lasting change in individuals, couples, entrepreneurs and businesses so that they may reach their fullest potential. Through a keen understanding of human performance and what it takes for people and systems to thrive, he’s created a system that asks you, “What do you need in order to be happiest and most fulfilled?” so that you may identify your key to unlocking peace and living a successful and inspired life. 

Founder of, Mark earned both a Master’s and post-Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Seton Hall University and is a mindfulness meditation teacher and stress reduction expert trained at the Interdependence Project in NYC.

An accomplished singer, multi-instrumentalist, and sound therapist, Mark is happiest and most fulfilled when he spends meaningful time with the most incredible 16 year old daughter on this beautiful planet.

(I also love motorcycles!)

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